Fluid Blocks
A new approach to Web Design
Fluid Blocks


Fluid Blocks is a web editor very strong for designing liquid sites. The appearance is fully conducted by reusables styles. The layout flows naturally and can be customized item by item. The application generates all html and css coding so you don't need any programming knowledge.

Look for yourself: LLSoft's own website was entirely designed with Fluid Blocks which is the best indication of its capabilities.

Blocks at Work

Fluid Blocks comes loaded with a team of hard-workers.

Menu Menu
Add a menu, drag links into it and… navigate. Your site is growing fast? Add menus in your menu bar to allow for up to 3 levels pull-down expansion.
Gallery Galleries
Drag a series of images into a Gallery. Get a grid of thumbnails, a full-featured slider or be surprised with a different content each time you load the page.
Table Tables
Drag text blocks into a Table. Add components sush as headers, rows and cells for full customization of the table's layout and appearance.
typeForm32 Forms
Design a 'Contact' or 'Upload File' form with validation easily and without any coding. Keep your email address hidden from spammers.

Song Audio
Drag a song to your page and… you are ready to listen.
Playlist Playlist
Got more songs? Drag them all and get an automatic Playlist.
Video Video
Drag a video to your page and… you are ready to watch.
Youtube Video
Your video is on Youtube? Then use a Youtube block instead.

A flock of frequent-flyers.

Text Text
Simple text.
Link Link
Navigate anywhere.
Image Image
A thousand words.
Box Box
Layout. Decorate.
List List
Stack some bullets.

And more handy blocks.

Frame Frame
Frame page or inline frames.
Page Page
For efficient design.
Anchor Anchor
The X marks the spot.
File File
Any file. Click to Download.

Key Features

Fluid Blocks
Diverse Medias
TV Pilot
Diverse Books
Remote Mapper
Fluid Blocks
Fluid Blocks
TV Pilot
TV Pilot
Remote Mapper
Remote Mapper
Diverse Books
Diverse Books
Diverse Medias
Remote Medias
TV Pilot
TV Pilot
Remote Mapper
Remote Mapper
Remote Mapper
Fluid Blocks
Bring life to your pages

Assemble animated slideshows and beautiful presentations with the Slider feature. As easy as dropping a bunch of images yet highly customizable to create unique concepts.

There is so much to show that we had to nest a few sliders for this little demo.

Slideshows with transition effects, animated presentations, ever-turning carousels.

Impress your audience and retain their attention.

Arrows, thumbnails, bullets navigators.

Pick your choice while leaving your audience in the driver's seat.

X marks the spot

Create an Image Map intuitively in no time: drag a few links into an image, draw an area for each link using a rectangle, circle or freehand polygon shape.

Each link could be set to open a document as any other link does or simply display a tooltip or a popover. Or all three.

Drag a box into a link to create a rich popover displayed when the mouse is over its area. Put any content and format into the box.

Styles Picker
Unleash your creativity

You always start with a fresh blank page. No constraint imposed by a pre-designed template. But you are assisted with a generous bank a styles. And create your own as you go, it's worth it: they are all available to every single page of every site you create.

No template but plenty of style.

Pick a style… with style from a nicely presented list.

Stay inspired.

Blocks List Go with the Flow

You never drag items into the page. But they all flow naturally. And they can be individually tweaked by changing any layout attributes.

No drag & drop but natural flow.

You get a preview instantly refreshed after any change. And you whole website is always up to date. No need to publish.

Focus on the end not the mean.

Always find your ways

When you look at your page, you see what is in it and how it is formatted. Next turn over to your resources and discover where they are being used.

Find out what pages and elements are using an image, a link, a style or another page and jump to its location with a click of the mouse.

All your assets from any angle.

Files One click… or none changes them all

You inserted that beautiful picture all over your site. Then you changed it with Photoshop. Open Fluid Blocks and star right away at the improved picture anywhere you look.

You put a link to a friend's website here and there on your site. Then he changes it to another address. Easy: select the link from the resources list and paste the new address. Any reference to it is instantly updated.

Fluid Blocks automatically keeps a single resource for images and links no matter how many times you inserted them in a site. So a change there updates the whole site. Additionally it monitors every image you added to your sites for changes and update them as soon as they have been modified.

Snippets List

Recycle your work… and ours too

Get up to speed with the Snippets Collection. Pick a snippet to insert a series of elements at the current location. Then type in some text or change a glyph.

You just assembled a few elements that you think might be handy elsewhere? Add them to the snippets collection with a click of the mouse.

Stay on track… but don't loose track of anything

Build your content as you go. Need to create a link to a page that does not exist yet? Just enter any name for the link and go on with the next sentence. Later you can go edit the new page that Fluid Blocks has created for you… and you have not lost your first idea.

Need to create a new style? Just enter a new name in the style field. Edit it right from there or spill out your idea first and come back later. And yes you can pick that brand new style right away for your next sentence.

All resources used by an element are available to edit right along with the element itself so there is no need to go back and forth.

Other Features