Resize & Crop Images

tbresize Click the Resize button to access to the resize & crop tool.

Resize & Crop
(1) Chose between Resize or Crop. Please note that the crop tools does not allow to select an area. The area cropped is the centred portion of the original image.

(2) Check "Proportionally" to maintain the original aspect ratio. You can edit both the width and the height even if the "Proportionally" option is checked: the other side is automatically recalculated.

(3) Set the new size in pixels or %.

(4) Check the "Make a copy before" option to keep a copy of the original images before performing the operation. The mention "original", followed by a number if needed, is appended to the image name.

Tip: If you selected "pixels" with a multiple selection, all images from that selection will be resized to these dimensions regardless of their original size. To change all images in relation to their original sizes, rather set the new size in %.

Warning This operation can not be undone. It is recommended to leave the "Make a copy before" option checked prior to performing the operation.