File & Folder Operations

Pasteboard & Dragging

Copy & Paste as well as Drag operations are fully implemented in Slides, including operations from and to other applications.

Additionally Cut & Paste is implemented but limited to operations within Slides only.

All operations are file-based with the exception of the special menu command Edit/Copy Image which copies the actual image to the pasteboard rather than its file name. This comes handy to paste an image in an open session of an image editor, avoiding the need to open the file and copying it to the pasteboard first.

A convenient menu command View/Show Pasteboard presents images contained in the pasteboard directly into the Slides pane. From there are file operations are permitted as if the pictures were in a regular folder.

Other Operations

The following commands apply to the Slides, the Outline and Column panes. They can be invoked from the main menu under File or by right-clicking items.

New Folder New Folder creates a folder at the current location.

Recycle Delete moves the selected images and folders of the active pane (Slides, Outline and Column) to the trash. When invoked from the Favorites Folders pane however it does only offer to remove the folder from the favorites but does not move it to the trash.

Duplicate makes a copy of selected items.

Show in Finder opens the selected images and folders in as many Finder windows.

Rename: press Enter on any item to rename it.

The Get Info panel displays general file informations as well as picture-related attributes of the current item.

Operations Queue

Copying and moving files if performed by an Operation Queue available by clicking the status indicator.

File Operations

You can pause/resume the operations and cancel individual or all tasks.

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