Getting Started

Start Here

Favorite There is only one step to achieve in order to enjoy browsing with Slides: add some Favorite folders. When you run Slides for the first time it conveniently adds your Pictures folder to your Favorites.


Browser Mode Choose between an outline or a column browser for navigating through your folders.

Navigation Move back and forth or pull out a list of the most recent locations for direct access.


Show all contents Click the Recurse button to reveal every single picture found in the current folder and all of its subfolder.

Slides Size Move the slider to set the slides size.

Preferences Customize the slides appearance. Read more in the Preferences section.

Sort Sort the slides by name, size, resolution and other by ascending or descending order.

Filter Filter the slides with a text pattern.

Filters Additional filters: read more in the filters section.

Open With Share and open pictures with other applications.

Rotate Rotate 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise, with support for multiple selections.

tbresize Resize & crop images with support for multiple selections


Preview Open the Preview Pane for a larger view of the selected picture with this button at the bottom of the screen. Or click its equivalent in the toolbar - or simply press the spacebar - for a quick preview.


Right-click on a file or folder from the slides, browser or outline pane to assign tags. To manage custom tags, select "Tags...". Please note that custom tags created outside of Slides may not show on the tags list.

Get Info

Click "File/Get Info" from the menu or right-click on an image or folder from anywhere to open the Get Info panel.

Manage Images & Folders

Pasteboard and drag operations are fully implemented.


Start slideshow Start a slideshow in fullscreen with the current selection of pictures.

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