Getting Started

Getting Remote Mapper up and running is very simple. It is a matter of assigning a network port and starting the server.


Setup the server
  1. From the Preferences panel, enter a port. You may stick with the default. If you need to change it, stop the server, enter a new value and start the server back.
  2. To ensure the server will be up and running each time Remote Mapper launches, check the 'Automatically Start Server' option.
  3. To ensure Remote Mapper is available each time your turn on your computer, check the ‘Open Remote Mapper at Login’ option.

Warning: it is highly recommended to set a port that is not used by another service. In case of doubt please refer to a list of known or registered ports from Wikipedia .

Test the server

rmtestserver A sample URL built out of your current configuration is conveniently provided on the Preferences tab. You may copy this link into a Web browser address bar or click the link button which will open the link from your default browser. Note that this sample is available only if the server is running. The screen saver should activate assuming it is defined on your Mac. If not please refer to the troubleshooting section.

Visit the F.A.Q. section for handy tips.

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