Getting Started

ProSync lets you create as many sync definitions as you need. A sync is basically made out of a source and a target folder. Files are copied from the source to the target by default.

Note: You could easily use ProSync for one-time operations and benefits from its orderly operations queue and the ability to interrupt the operation and resume right from that point later on.

Create a sync with 3 easy steps:

  1. Click the + button to add a new sync

    Add a new Sync

  2. Click the first placeholder to select a source folder (you can also drag a folder there):

    Set the Source folder

  3. Click the second placeholder to select the target folder:

    Set the Target folder

Run the Sync

Click the Sync button to copy new and updated files from the source to the target. General informations as well as a log of all operations are available in the informations view. Click here for more on operating and managing syncs.

File list

The Check button prepares the list of new and modified with extensive information files but does not actually update the target folder. Status of file operations can be monitored from there.


Syncs can be scheduled, run automatically or started manually. There is also a two-way mode which allows for files from both source and target to be copied to the other folder. For more about customization refer the the options section.


For those large folders from which you only want to copy some files, ProSync will greatly help in narrowing-down the selection. First run an analyze then setup filters that could be global down to specific files and folders.

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